Friday, April 09, 2004

What didn't they listen to reason?
Baghdad Burning:
"The people in Falloojeh have been trying to get the women and children out of the town for the last 48 hours but all the roads out of the city are closed by the Americans and refugees are being shot at and bombed on a regular basis� we're watching the television and crying. The hospital is overflowing with victims� those who have lost arms and legs� those who have lost loved ones. There isn't enough medicine or bandages� what are the Americans doing?! This is collective punishment � is this the solution to the chaos we're living in? Is this the 'hearts and minds' part of the campaign? "

I did not agree with going to war with Iraq because the people running the show were lying to sell the war and they seemed to have an unrealistic expectation for a positive course of events. They did not seem to plan for any contingencies and they were not willing to forego the tax cuts to fund the war. The whole thing looked like it would be poised to be a clusterfuck.

It was as if a cancer patient knew they had to get the cancer out, but instead of hiring a surgeon, the patient hires a butcher.

My dad seems to think that any response - no matter how irrational - would show those terrorists who was boss. Pardon me if I don't buy the idea that terrorists that are willing to die for their jihad are unimpressed with our f-15s. Furthermore, a disproportionate attack is WHAT THE WANT!! They WANT the war to become personal. They want little kid's head to be split open by our bombs and broadcast around the world on Al Jezeera.

We are - in effect - writing a live recruiting manual for Al Qaeda and every other group of previously moderate radicals that were appalled by the situation in Iraq. In a few years, the children and relatives of the dead will be old enough or strong enough to bring the fight back here. Vengeance is a dish best served cold - so to speak. What are we going to do when what goes around finally comes around?

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