Friday, March 19, 2004

Bullshit ads
Bush's ads are fucking unreal. They depend on the people that are watching the video to be completely stupid and unaware of anything. they isolate one part of one issue - in order to miss the big picture by a mile. I guess they will probably work well with the idiotis in this country. I think it is pretty sad, though, that the administration has to lie like this to get their message out.

Kerry voted against the 87 billion because Bush wanted his tax cuts along with an unaccountable huge ball of cash to be filtered through Halliburton. Bush was lying the entire time about the reasons for the war - and he refused to even COUNT the costs of the war in his budget - we needed those tax cuts, right? So Kerry - was being evil and not supporting the troops becasue he voted against that hal-assed bill.

When George Bush sends troops to die for lies, he is supporting the troops. When Bush cuts funding for Veteran's Affairs, he is supporitng the troops. When Bush cuts combat pay for soldiers in iraq, he is supporting the troops. When Bush cuts daycare and family benefits for spouses of soldiers, he is supporting the troops.

I hate those lying fuckers and every idiot weasels that thinks with that same pea-brained logic. If you don't vote for a pork-laden, unaccountable, irresponsible spending bill for our leader's elective war, you are objectively pro Saddam.

BushOut.TV: Bush releases new "Troops" ad
With a name like Colin, you are bound to spew out a lot of shit.
Good sir Powell was in Iraq at the CPA today. In his glorious kindness, he addressed the heathens and explained to us our Glorious leader's strategy for Iraq. Sayeth Powell:
We have seen terrorist attacks all over the world that have nothing to do with the war in Iraq. We have seen terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. We have seen terror attacks in the Philippines, Colombia, Morocco, in many places throughout the world and they are not attributable to the war in Iraq. They are attributable to the fact we have terrorists in the world that want to go after those nations that are trying to build a better future and are determined to kill innocent people from keeping that happening.

So if all those terrorist attacks around the world had nothing to do with Iraq, how has attacking iraq made us one iota safer? Didn't it just function as a massive recruitment drive for terrorists coupled with a new generation of dejected Anti-American Iraqis and a hundred billion dollar bill? The wingnuts know that Iraq had nothing to do with a "War on Terra" (it had nothing to do with the "War on Flatulance" or the "War on Fat" either. I may have had something to do with other nouns, but "terror" was not one of them. ) They all know its bullshit. Whay do they keep pretending?
Recursive Blogging
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What the freakin fuck?
Democrats are generally good people, but they REALLLy need to practice the whole viral marketing thing. As a Flash developer, I hate to see Flash misused - and they have certainly misused Flash here. But anyway, it was a good try.
Buy American (unless you are Bush)
Republicans buy from Burma

What really gets my goat is not that the evil fuckers are buying their fleece pullover outfits (*49.95 on GWBush.com - while supplies last!) from Burma - even though it is illegal to trade with Burma. What gets me is that those cheap - easy money - fuckwits cannot be bothered to help an American company that is selling textiles. I know of several companies here in South Carolina that still sell textiles. I guess they did not offer Bush enough of a profit incentive for his cheap ass rags. Damn! I truly hate those bastards. The hypocricy is unfuckingreal!

Buy American - unless you can get a better price in Burma - in which case screw America.

Fucking assholes. Why aren't there more Lee Harvey Oswalds in the world? (dear Secret Service: The preceeding comment was meant as a rhetorical device only. Though I would dance the Irish jig on George Bush's grave, he is still my president, and I would not like to see anything happen to him beyond a November loss, trial, and imprisonment [with complimentary jailhouse rape])

Monday, March 15, 2004

WMDs will be found in Iraq soon!
so sayeth the Tehran Times
My predictive powers will amaze you when WMDs are found in Iraq in a month or two. I am sure the media will uncritically buy the story and simply reprint the press releases from the whitehouse, Karl Rove will wheeze a hiss of relief, and the Republican talking heads will claim that this is the nail in the coffin of liberalism for all time.

The only problem is, our troops are planting the WMDs right now.
Over the past few days, ... there have been reports that U.S. forces have unloaded a large cargo of parts for constructing long-range missiles and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the southern ports of Iraq.

I knew it was only a matter of time. I knew that a Straussian like Rove would not go quietly into that good night. I knew that they knew that the corporate whores in the media will not question the evidence if the imprimature of the President of the United States rests upon it. Heck, they lied to get us into a war - why wouldn't they lie to get out of their initial lies.

When you tell one lie, it leads to another, then you tell 2 lies to cover each other, then you tell 3 lies, oh brother, you're in trouble up to your ears...

[A reliable source from the Iraqi Governing Council] said that in order to avoid suspicion, ordinary cargo ships were used to download the cargo, which consisted of weapons produced in the 1980s and 1990s.

He mentioned the fact that the United States had facilitated Iraq’s WMD program during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq and said that some of the weapons being downloaded are similar to those weapons, although international inspectors had announced Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime had destroyed all its WMD.

I don't know how relaible this is. It is from the Tehran Times, after all. It certainly would seem like the obvious thing to do - Personally i would have done it before David Kay's team went in. They might not have trusted Kay to play ball, though. I guess now, they can get a few team players - like the folks that were in on the Iraq-Contra affair - to plant some stuff.

The burden of proof rests with the public - who will remain as ignorant about the issue as our media keeps them.

I guess this should seal the deal for bush in 2004.

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