Monday, December 15, 2003

Blog for America : When Democrats Attack Democrats | December 13, 2003

The assholes that put together this ad camapign are not Democrats. They are pieces of dung giving Karl Rove ammunition with which to destroy our party's chance to win this stupid election. i wish these people would all catch some horrible disfiguring disease for their blatant lies and deception.

I mean, hell, Dean was moaning about going to Iraq BECAUSE Osama Bin Laden was still on the loose in Afghanistan. What kind of logic allows a person to make the link that because a candidate opposed a war with country X, he supports terrorists in country Z? This kind of Karl Rove crap is disgusting in and of itself. but what makes me really sick is that Kerry and Gephardt are putting it out.

I liked Kerry at first, but after this, there is no way I will ever support that scumbag. The ad was practically a pro Bush ad - run by Democrats - to smear another Democrat. Do these people have any sense of political logic? Is it really good to say that ANY democrat cannot compete with Bush on an issue? Wouldn't it be smarter to say that ALL of the Dmeocrats are better than Bush?

Fucking Alan Colmes Democrats. They make me sick.

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