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"Time for Democrats to Rally Around Dean "

I think Ted is being a bit naive here, but I agree that the circular firing squad bullshit is pointless and stupid. When a guy decides to run for office, the campaign is more than just the whim of the candidate. The campaign is made up of hundreds or thousands of people all working together to get one person elected. To simply give up because the odds are against you is an insult to everyone that ever busted dust or parted with a dollar to get you into the race. I don't think it would be a good idea for the Democrats to all just give up and support Dean - unless he wins the primary. In any case, winning is going to be a problem for them.

Part of the problem is that incumbants have a natural advantage. Part of the problem is that Republicans exhibit a particular type of group think that is very difficult to crack. Part of the problem is that swing voters tend to simply vote for the winner - so that they can say they voted for the winner. Part of the problem is that the media will frame EVERY Democratic move as a cynical power grab while they frame every Republican move as a sincere attempt to do good.

Heck, the whole thing probably won't matter. With voting machines that leave no paper trails, we should just forget the idea of democracy. I think the Republicans may be in charge until there is a real crisis - at which point they will blame the Democrats and use it to further the raping of America.
Op-Ed Columnist: No Will to Win?:
"No Will to Win?

This guy sums up the Democrat's problem completely. They are all too busy trying to bash one another to create a coherant party identity. The party leadership thinks it is a good idea to make the party just a little less Republican than Republicans. The party base wants the party to actually do something other than rubber stamp the Republican's crony capitalism and shady deals. Then you have the "experts" that completely screwed up in 2002, but still know that Dean is unelectable. Add to this a hostile press and a gaggle of conservative voices heckling this immature garbage and you have a recipe for failure.

Republicans don't do that. They have their guy - and they don't speak ill of other Republicans. They are not out trying to take cheap shots left and right at any Republican - unless they are not following the party line. But then the media does not make their attacks an indictment of conservatism, the media simply parrots their complaints and chastises the RINO, too.

I have little hope in all of this. Moron America is more than willing to buy more bullshit from Karl Rove. They bought the war. They bought the tax cuts. They bought "No Child Left Behind". I think they will continue to buy Bushco. Clever advertising and laying blame are substitutes for truth and responsibility in this country now. What a sad state of affairs.
War is Peace
ajc.com | Metro | Carter: Miller appointment a mistake: "Carter: Miller's Senate appointment was 'mistake' "

When Colmes asked Carter about Miller, the former president first said, "I would rather not even comment about Zell Miller on the radio," then proceeded to call the appointment "one of the worst mistakes" then-Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes made in his four years in office.

Zell Miller is not a Democrat. If he acts like a Republican and votes like a Republican, he is a Republican. I think he is a real piece of shit. He gives every Ralph Nader liberal out there a reason to think the Democratic party is really no different than the Republican party. He is an utter disgrace.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

pandagon.net - are we satisfied yet?: "Say it...
say it...

You know you want to. Come on.

'If you don't nominate Lieberman, the terrorists have won.'"

Padagon pretty much sums up the prevailing media opinion.

Lieberman uses Gore snub to boost his presidential campaign: "Lieberman said Dean would return the Democratic Party to the days before the Clinton administration, 'when we had a lot of people in our base who were excited but weren't winning elections.' "

I truly hate Holy Joe.

Dear Joe,

I really don't understand your logic. Dean has a lot of people excited about a campaign, but he cannot win an election. He has out raised you by a huge margin, but he cannot win an election. Dean is a centrist fiscal conservative, but he cannot win an election. Dean is not afraid to tell the truth about Bush and the Republican idiots in charge, but he is unelectable. I suppose we would do better with a ficus plant.

Did this logic hold true in 2002? Is it better to simply parrot everything the Republicans say because the media will go easier on you and pick you as their Democrat of choice? Jesus Christ, Joe! Why the hell should ANYONE endorse you? You are a wimpy version of Bush with a sanctimoneous streak a mile wide. You lambasted evil hollywood liberals that sold sex - then shut up when they gave you some cash. You though that the war in Iraq was a great way to fight the war on terror - even though it took massive amounts of resources out of Afghanistan, cost us billions, cost iraq tens of thousands of lives, cost us hudreds of soldiers, and will not be stable for years.

Who would vote for a guy whose idea of opposition is wimpering a little louder when they ram it in? Jesus Jehovah Jones, Joe! You are a moron.



P.S. These quotes are idiotic! But I love Nedra Pickles method of framing the issue. I suppose she is trying to get Judy Woodruff or Margaret Carlson's job.


"Democratic wing of the Democratic Party" won't be enough to beat President Bush.

"The Democratic bird doesn't fly with one wing. It needs all its wings," Lieberman said.

Which is why I am doing my best to destroy any other candidate that does not agree that I should be nominated. I deserve to be this bird's brain, and I want us to be like ostriches.

It's unclear whether all the attention will transfer into more votes for Lieberman, whose hawkish, pro-business stance may prove to be too centrist to win the Democratic nomination
I love that Joe is a centrist while Howard Dean is a liberal. I know it would be asking a bit much for Nedra to learn about Deans very centrist record in Vermont, but what fun would that be. The media have their script. "Howard Dean will destroy the Democratic party so vote for Joe Lieberman or anybody else." The Republicans are so generous to offer us their advice.

It is good to know they are rooting for Dean

They seem to have forgotten how wrong they were on Iraq's WMDs. Do you see a pattern developing here?

New York Daily News - Politics - Bushies keen on Dean as W's ideal foe: "Bushies keen on Dean
as W's ideal foe"

Counterspin Central: The unofficial "FIRST AMENDMENT ZONE.":


10. 2 cans of RAID, conspicuously close to the food preparation table in the kitchen of the hotel where the arms inspectors are staying. The Bush administration deemed the revelation 'troubling.'

9. 157 Radium-dialed watches Baghdad's downtown open-air market. The Bush administration promptly issued a statement in which it decalred that it was 'time to come clean.'

8. Evidence of 'toxic mold' in the basement of one of Saddam's palaces. Ari Fliesher reminds reporters that 'The discovery of Toxic mold could have very serious consequences. It may cause symptoms of fibromyalgia, attract lots of ambulance-chasing trial lawyers like John Edwards, and could demand a full out invasion by coalition forces.'

7. A half-eaten baloney and cheese sandwhich left on the seat of a weapons inspector's jeep. 'No doubt left there to send a message,' said Fleischer.

6. A shipment of 'fireworks' from 'China.'

5. A shipping container full of 'Nu-Clear' contact lenses.

4. A big pile of dirt in the middle of the desert.

3. A video-taped copy of the nuclear terrorism thriller 'The Peacemaker', starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, in the Basra branch of 'Hollywood Video.'

2. A complete Compact Disc set of Barbara Streisand's greatest hits in Saddam's den.

1a. [I]nspectors obtained a copy of Saddam's old college transcripts and discovered that in the place where his undergraduate major should have been listed, was the word 'Undeclared.'

1. The numbers '9*1*1' programmed into the speed dial of every payphone in Bagdhad.'"

Funny - hesiod is the man.

It is really unfortunate that all this crap came to pass. maybe ina few decades, this country will look back at this whole adventure and say, "What were they thinking?"
War is Peace
I think I am going to be postin a little more often. i totally forgot I even had this stupid blog.
War is Peace

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I love preznit. he give me turkee.

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